Tuesday, March 27, 2012

twenty-nine strong.


          Yesterday was a really special day and I'm going to post about it… Well, let me rephrase that- yesterday represented something really special and I'm going to post about that. My parents made a commitment 29 years ago, yesterday- to marriage and have kept that commitment. 

Special, yes. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, twenty-nine years of marriage IS a special thing. And I consider myself blessed to be the daughter of two people who have taken that vow seriously. 

          I cannot really give you a full twenty-nine year's worth recap of how special this is, but I will tell you that I certainly am thankful for their commitment, which is ultimately to Christ. I know, with no doubt, that if you asked either one of my parents, "How have you done it?"- they would respond with something along the lines of "It was nothing that we did- it was the Lord's faithfulness and mercy." 

In fact, why don't you just ask them? :)

Some things I really just love about these two…

           Because Christ is in control, their commitment is so much more than just keeping a promise. These two are ridiculously in love. After twenty-nine years, they still love- actually, probably more now than ever- love being together. They are continually learning about and growing with each other. 

           My dad takes my mom away to far-off places. Okay, i know I complain when they abandon us… but come on, I'm almost twenty-one… I can handle it. Trust me, I secretly love that they explore the world together. I hope to do more of that too, if ever I get me a husband. 

          They read the Bible together, pray together, and learn together. They're one, not only as husband and wife, but spiritually, as well. This is how it's supposed to be, people. Equally yoked. Okay, that looks weird when I write it, but it's true! I just love the humbleness, obedience, and faithfulness I see in their relationship.

Just look at them.


  1. Aw they're so cute! And what a commitment, very true.....well, your parents got married, then, either the yr I was born or just after that, lol. It is sad that most of the world no longer expects or even honors the vows of husband and wife. May they have many more years of joy, love, peace, and other Spirit fruits as one neat couple! : )

  2. Jami, thank you for this post! God is most assuredly faithful in honoring commitments. I am so very grateful to Him for allowing me to have your dad for my husband, and you amazing people for my kids!!!
    You bless me every single day in more ways than you'll ever know. You are so far beyond where I was at your age. Yay for that! Just remember your future is safe in HIS hands...

  3. Love this post and love your parents!