Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday, Saturday, ever loving Saturday.

Day 7:
Today, I pretty much just did my own thing. And loved it.
Didn't redesign the blog, didn't take a bike ride (tomorrow!?), didn't write those letters… (wow, this is sounding bad…)
BUT, I did study Spanish and I am basically ready for class to start again on Monday… and it's not even Sunday yet! Miracles do happen.
I worked in my room for most of the day… exciting, right?

Since I didn't get any questions in the last post, I've decided I'll stick with my theme for the day and do what I want to do, which is me telling you some things I loved about today…

My record player. Something about listening to old records just gives me delight. I am swept back in time.

Brilliant. Favorite word of the day. I often find excessive joy in certain words at random times.

Revelation. That book has pretty much always scared me to death, but I'm really trying to go into it with a fresh, open mind. Even though I feel completely inadequate in deciphering it's content, I know the Lord can reveal his will and purpose to even a foolish girl like me. What a mighty God we serve!

Solitude. As I've grown older, more and more I've come to appreciate time alone. Time to just be, to think, to work quietly- or not so quietly :)

My sister. Our friendship is like none other I've ever had or will ever have. I'm so thankful for her. These past two weeks have been wonderful, Lana. We do girl parties right.

Bare walls. Yeah, I said it. I want to get some pieces done so I can get something fresh up on those walls.

Did you do anything extravagant today?
Tell me about it…
but only if it involves wild animals, sailing, or baking cakes.

No, really though… tell me. Also, I'm still open to questions :)


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  1. I'd like to feel awesome, so I'm commenting. :) You have some pretty great tastes in things that you love. Sounds like a grand day! I raked leaves, emptied ashes from our fire place, watched some March Madness, met a coworker for coffee for three hours, forgot my wallet, ate corned beef and cabbage, and didn't wear green at all! To name a few things. :)