Saturday, March 20, 2010

a birth-day.

I have a cousin. Her name is Michelle. She is beautiful and sweet and has a really cute house. She had a birthday. We had fun. Here are a few snapshots of our day.

This is Mini. Mini is a happy little dog.
Meet Bella. Bella is always looking for affection.
Birthday earrings… a common theme.

coolgreens. so good.

Jamie's greek salad and white chicken chili. yum.


Lana was pretty excited about the bookshelf ladder.

And I was pretty excited about these trees.

Lana says down with 44 East.

Mint for each other.

Chocolate to the max.


We know your secret now.


Pretty sure I have the best cousins in the world. Yep, it's been confirmed.

Papa, Mama, and Baby Pizzas.


Happy Birthday Michelle!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

hey faithful, thank you.

Do you ever feel like…

…there are thousands of thoughts running through your mind so fast at the same time that you can't possibly get a grip on anything?

…that all you ever do is what you don't want to do, and all you want to do is what you never do?

…there is more than what you see there is, even though you don't know what it is?

…you have a perfect picture of how it should be, and even though you know it will never be that way- you still keep that hope in mind?

…you are alone in whatever you are feeling and experiencing and everyone else is in and you are out?

…if only you could do this, or that… then you would be complete and satisfied with yourself; but deep down you know that it wouldn't give you real happiness?

I know I do.

Good thing feelings aren't reliable. Emotions are real, but not worth trusting.
It's reassuring to know that even though I don't understand most everything that happens, I do know the one who does. And I know that he can be trusted and that he has my best interest at heart. That's good, because I would make a mess and be a mess if I was in control.

Go out and do hard things. God can work a lot when we say 'yes' to the impossible.
I can testify to the Lord's faithfulness in my own life and from my own experiences. He is truly trustworthy and wholly dependable. What a mighty God we serve!

"Adventure is out there!"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

ignorance ≠ bliss

this and that.

hello, dolly.




learn, create, dare.

high tea.

stay a while.