Wednesday, March 14, 2012

material madness.

Day 4:
Another lovely day. What a beautiful gift this weather is!

Most of this day, I spent working in my studio. I'm trying to get rid of as much as I can, and organize what I keep. It's fun going through old stuff and seeing how I've changed. I definitely cringe when I come upon old notebooks or sketchbooks with random writings and doodles. And I love going through stuff I've accumulated recently and haven't sorted yet. I had a big box from an estate sale from a while back… ahhh, so delightful. 

As tough as it is to get rid of things that hold childhood memories, and as much as I just really love a good pile of antique treasure… I've been reminded of the value of material things. Or lack thereof. The material things in our lives will pass away one day, just like our bodies. 

Strictly physical. 

…Although I'm almost convinced that old spools of thread, and vintage keys have souls…

Let us not forget reality. Let us take care of what matters eternally. 
Let us make right our hearts with the one who created them.

No material possession can match the reward of that. 

Oh! And Sally asked a question in a comment on my last post… "Philosophizing....if you were on a desert island and no one read your posts, would you keep writing? Why or why not? Are bloggers something of islanders?"

The answer is…. 
I think that if I had the desire to write, I would. I wouldn't feel obligated because I knew no one would read it. Sort of like a journal. It'd be for personal reasons. Plus, I bet I'd be super bored, so that might help. Maybe bloggers are like islanders… or like animals in a zoo… just doing their thing with people coming by whenever they want, to watch them in their natural habitat. ha! What a thought… I suddenly feel like an idiot. 

Okay, So... thanks to Sally, I WANT MORE QUESTIONS FROM YOU GUYS :) 



  1. Here's a question to chew on:
    What is a soul?

  2. I'm really enjoying this week of posts. (AND YOU CHANGED YOUR SONG AT LAST!)
    I appreciate a lot that reminder on the meaning that THINGS have down here. They serve as reminders, as tokens, as dust in our hands that, should we seek to hold onto it, will only slip away. My identity is not in my stuff.

    A question: When are you most content in Christ? (:))