Saturday, July 7, 2012

somber saturday

Found this piece jotted down in my journal from a few months ago. Funny. I still relate...

If I don't write, my mind may explode,
But once I get started it's a long, long road.
'Cause you see, I've got feelings; thoughts, even needs,
They're all trapped inside- just dying to be freed. 

Now the problem lies between mind and fingers-
there's a disconnect that leaves thoughts to linger.
'Cause I can't empty them out, like a bag full of trash-
heck, I can only hope to grab a few from this stash. 

Now here's a page full, and I've said next to nothing- 
I wonder what'd happen if I really reached for something.

If you want to know about my recent creative ventures, check out my art blog-

Today, I feel overwhelmed, impatient, anxious, excited, and weary. Strange? Yeah.

How are you? 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

dusting off the cobwebs...

There are about ten million ways I could go here, so I'm just going to go… and see what happens.



OH, i know… since I've been blogospherically absent for so long, maybe I'll give a few options of what I could write about… you know, to get me back in the groove. You can tell me what you'd most enjoy 'hearing' about at this point. And who knows, I may just end up writing what I want to in the end, but at least it's a fun thought now. Ha!

This may be tough, because so often the areas in my life all mix together, but I'll attempt setting some topics apart. Okay, I could tell you about…

1. new creative ventures.

2. the tough life stuff. 

3. the free time i have and how the heck i'm trying to use it. 

4. a piece of creative writing. 

5. what's kept me away from writing. 

6. make up your own topic. 

Okay, this may be the lamest blog post ever, but it's my way of slowing getting my feet wet again in the giant pool of letters, ideas, and inspiration. 

Let me know what you'd like to read about, and I shall be back shortly. 
Hope this finds you well :)