Wednesday, November 28, 2012

a jump of the heart

My song has changed,
it's bitter and sweet.
A strange melody,
completely new to me. 

With just a jump of the heart, 
and a blink of the eye, 
my cup's overflowin'
and i'm wonderin' why.
My hearts been deceived, 
and my mind's not at rest,
I'm unfaithful, and weary,
But you still choose to bless.

My heart's native tongue,
now is foreign, incomplete.
But in this desert of defeat,
you're a spring of relief.

With just a jump of the heart, 
and a blink of the eye, 
my cup's overflowin'
and i'm wonderin' why.
My hearts been deceived, 
and my mind's not at rest,
I'm unfaithful, and weary,
But you still choose to bless.

Risks are for taking, even if we're alone,
and maps prove faultless- only once our journey's begun.
No more waiting in hopes for lost games to be won,
'cause the prize is so much greater-- a plan that's made to be undone.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Summer sands, dirty feet,
understanding feasibly.
A smile was the first to meet,
words came simply, easily.

Time is a friend, for finding new ways,
time is the book in which memories are made.
And time is a curse, for losing what's got,
time is the grave in which memories get lost.

Winter ice, frozen fingers,
words unspoken, thoughts in mime.
Eyes don't know where to look,
and years past are nothing but time.

Time is unchanging, consistent and true,
time is the sun, time is the moon.
And time is unreliable, moody, and blue,
time is my heart, beating too soon.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

bright age

  Lipoveni, Moldova

Saturday, July 7, 2012

somber saturday

Found this piece jotted down in my journal from a few months ago. Funny. I still relate...

If I don't write, my mind may explode,
But once I get started it's a long, long road.
'Cause you see, I've got feelings; thoughts, even needs,
They're all trapped inside- just dying to be freed. 

Now the problem lies between mind and fingers-
there's a disconnect that leaves thoughts to linger.
'Cause I can't empty them out, like a bag full of trash-
heck, I can only hope to grab a few from this stash. 

Now here's a page full, and I've said next to nothing- 
I wonder what'd happen if I really reached for something.

If you want to know about my recent creative ventures, check out my art blog-

Today, I feel overwhelmed, impatient, anxious, excited, and weary. Strange? Yeah.

How are you? 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

dusting off the cobwebs...

There are about ten million ways I could go here, so I'm just going to go… and see what happens.



OH, i know… since I've been blogospherically absent for so long, maybe I'll give a few options of what I could write about… you know, to get me back in the groove. You can tell me what you'd most enjoy 'hearing' about at this point. And who knows, I may just end up writing what I want to in the end, but at least it's a fun thought now. Ha!

This may be tough, because so often the areas in my life all mix together, but I'll attempt setting some topics apart. Okay, I could tell you about…

1. new creative ventures.

2. the tough life stuff. 

3. the free time i have and how the heck i'm trying to use it. 

4. a piece of creative writing. 

5. what's kept me away from writing. 

6. make up your own topic. 

Okay, this may be the lamest blog post ever, but it's my way of slowing getting my feet wet again in the giant pool of letters, ideas, and inspiration. 

Let me know what you'd like to read about, and I shall be back shortly. 
Hope this finds you well :) 


Sunday, April 15, 2012

a name.

Give me a name and I'll tell you with certainty; be it a man or a woman- they'll let you down,
this mere human flesh we're all stuck in, it's so good at hiding the messes we've wound.

Give me a name and I'll tell you with certainty; be it a man or a woman- they've done wrong,
this earthly existence, the nature of being, means birth with a wicked and selfish song.

Give me a name and I'll tell you with certainty; be it a man or a woman- they've suffered,
a lack of some kind, every human has- physical, emotional, mental…

See the world is broken, and broken is something that isn't the way of it's maker's intent. To be missing a part, or have excess, unneeded- we've been caged, by rebellion, so we need to be freed.

But, thankfully, thankfully… it doesn't end there. Thankfully, thankfully… we don't have to despair…

'Cause I'll give you a name and I'll tell you with certainty; he is aware, able, active,
the maker or life, the true reason for our existence has set up a plan, to further his intentions.

See, it's not how you think, it doesn't seem right, to take a good thing and give it up for wrong's right,
but the perfect was destroyed for the deepest of love, not love like you know, but a real fight.

For souls black as night, with wicked intent, the passionate, the humble, bled instead of the rest;
love was poured out, perfect for imperfect, just for unjust, it was the best kind of test.

And because of this nature, holy for broken, good for evil, pure for impure, nature was bested;
three days and I AM took back his bride, a rescue to say the least, his wrath was unleashed.

The world is broken, flesh is wounded, but there's now a way out, a surrender to freedom,
a path that leads home, to where our hearts yearn, to life, and beauty, and wholeness- an Eden.

So just as he, the perfect, the righteous, lay down his life so that we could have hope,
we must also give all, every bit of our being, to gain what he offers us, home eternal, life with meaning.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

twenty-nine strong.


          Yesterday was a really special day and I'm going to post about it… Well, let me rephrase that- yesterday represented something really special and I'm going to post about that. My parents made a commitment 29 years ago, yesterday- to marriage and have kept that commitment. 

Special, yes. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, twenty-nine years of marriage IS a special thing. And I consider myself blessed to be the daughter of two people who have taken that vow seriously. 

          I cannot really give you a full twenty-nine year's worth recap of how special this is, but I will tell you that I certainly am thankful for their commitment, which is ultimately to Christ. I know, with no doubt, that if you asked either one of my parents, "How have you done it?"- they would respond with something along the lines of "It was nothing that we did- it was the Lord's faithfulness and mercy." 

In fact, why don't you just ask them? :)

Some things I really just love about these two…

           Because Christ is in control, their commitment is so much more than just keeping a promise. These two are ridiculously in love. After twenty-nine years, they still love- actually, probably more now than ever- love being together. They are continually learning about and growing with each other. 

           My dad takes my mom away to far-off places. Okay, i know I complain when they abandon us… but come on, I'm almost twenty-one… I can handle it. Trust me, I secretly love that they explore the world together. I hope to do more of that too, if ever I get me a husband. 

          They read the Bible together, pray together, and learn together. They're one, not only as husband and wife, but spiritually, as well. This is how it's supposed to be, people. Equally yoked. Okay, that looks weird when I write it, but it's true! I just love the humbleness, obedience, and faithfulness I see in their relationship.

Just look at them.