Tuesday, August 31, 2010

moving on.

Realizing I may never know some things. Never have answers.
It's hard, but that's okay.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Apples a plenty.

We have an apple tree. It is very generous. We like apples and the delicious treats that come from them.

what a cutie.

 best. mom. ever.

Lana is passionate about apple butter.

apples. apples. apples.

lovely girl with lovely apron.

i probably could have found a better picture worthy one. oh well.





worms happen.

the season of autumn in edible form.

Monday, August 23, 2010

oh, the walk you can take.

As I was walking my sheltered, hyper canines this morning I realized how wonderful taking walks really is. Not only am I exposing my fluffy little dogs to fresh air (side walk fresh air is different than backyard fresh air, you know) and exercise- but I'm also taking advantage of that myself- fresh air and exercise.

After that, I started thinking about other tasks or opportunities one might complete or act upon while simply taking the dogs (or children, or any other small, nature loving beings) for a morning walk.

Prayer. Often all throughout the day I have the choice to be in a constant prayer mode, while I'm doing stuff. And I am learning this more, with the Lord's help. But how often does my thought process take a negative turn (there are so many options…) when I could just talk to him about the problem or the person or whatever.

Need to make some phone calls? Maybe just to catch up with people you love and care about, but hardly ever talk to. In our day when most communication is done via texting, email, fb etc. how nice would it be to have a good old fashioned phone conversation with a distant friend?

And if you're like me, you might just enjoy nature and the world around you. Music is good for exercising, but sometimes the sound of the day going by is a beautiful way to think about how good life is and how incredible God is. And who knows what a sincere smile might do for someone you pass on the sidewalk?

I want to live every moment, every day to the Glory of God and be creative with the life he has given me, even if it's just little things no one else sees or knows about. He does, and that's all that really matters. We have been made in the image of a creative God- do we not then reflect and possess that same creative ability?


here's a shout out to miss ruth jeffrey, who has officially joined the blogging world, as well as the college world! I will miss our bike rides, random adventures, and heart to hearts. Hopefully many more will occur in the future! And MANY stories better come my way :) I love you, RUTH MARIE!
check out her blog!!


Saturday, August 21, 2010


I found some treasure yesterday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

a day for play.

Sweet girl!

She's a textaholic. Sorry, Molly :)

Now entering the island of Sodor...

love this face.

thanks to Noah, I've learned so much about tank engines!

oh, hey there.

Callie was not amused with all the hullabaloo. we tried to get her out… she would not be moved.

thomas in action.

Ainsley and Noah

I love my job :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new post

So, when i hit the NEW POST button, I had no idea what I was going to write about.
I still don't know.

*pauses for a few minutes, thinking*

Usually when I don't know what to write about, it's because there are so many options. And it's easy to default to writing something to the effect of how good God is. I don't think this is a bad thing.

I love creativity. I love how every single person in the world right now is unique and different than everyone else in so many ways. I love that God designed it that way. He made us creative because he is creative and we are made in his image. Ok, seriously. We are made in the image of the creator of this whole universe!? We are pretty special and he thinks so, even when we are told otherwise or don't believe it ourselves. I'm not trying to build you up here, thinking you are all great because of something you have done. No, You are great because of who he is, and the detail he put into creating you exactly how you are.

I also love that there is so much mystery in the world, all around us. We are so oblivious. God isn't.
The detail in a dragonfly's design. The tiny strands of thread that make up a piece of clothing. The invisible waves of sound. The human body alone is such an incredible illustration of his attention to detail, not to mention every animal, plant, and the perfect way the solar system is set up!

I have been learning lately how to enjoy things just for the sake of enjoying them, because God made them. I'm trying to just be and not worry about things I don't have any control over. I want Jesus to be my everything, and I know he is enough. The fact that he sees all of my flaws and still loves me is pretty amazing and a good enough reason in itself to be wholly his! I believe he loves the little quirky things in all of us. He put them there. Like the fact that i'm collecting peach pits? How about an over-obession with old things? Or a secret admiration for cowboys? It's things like these (but not these, because i just told you…(haha) that only God knows, and only he needs to know. I'm realizing that he is enough, and it's so freeing- he is my savior and my deliverer.

Look for detail today. And enjoy his creation. Oh, also- be quirky :)

thanks for reading.