Sunday, April 15, 2012

a name.

Give me a name and I'll tell you with certainty; be it a man or a woman- they'll let you down,
this mere human flesh we're all stuck in, it's so good at hiding the messes we've wound.

Give me a name and I'll tell you with certainty; be it a man or a woman- they've done wrong,
this earthly existence, the nature of being, means birth with a wicked and selfish song.

Give me a name and I'll tell you with certainty; be it a man or a woman- they've suffered,
a lack of some kind, every human has- physical, emotional, mental…

See the world is broken, and broken is something that isn't the way of it's maker's intent. To be missing a part, or have excess, unneeded- we've been caged, by rebellion, so we need to be freed.

But, thankfully, thankfully… it doesn't end there. Thankfully, thankfully… we don't have to despair…

'Cause I'll give you a name and I'll tell you with certainty; he is aware, able, active,
the maker or life, the true reason for our existence has set up a plan, to further his intentions.

See, it's not how you think, it doesn't seem right, to take a good thing and give it up for wrong's right,
but the perfect was destroyed for the deepest of love, not love like you know, but a real fight.

For souls black as night, with wicked intent, the passionate, the humble, bled instead of the rest;
love was poured out, perfect for imperfect, just for unjust, it was the best kind of test.

And because of this nature, holy for broken, good for evil, pure for impure, nature was bested;
three days and I AM took back his bride, a rescue to say the least, his wrath was unleashed.

The world is broken, flesh is wounded, but there's now a way out, a surrender to freedom,
a path that leads home, to where our hearts yearn, to life, and beauty, and wholeness- an Eden.

So just as he, the perfect, the righteous, lay down his life so that we could have hope,
we must also give all, every bit of our being, to gain what he offers us, home eternal, life with meaning.


  1. Love you Jami. Let His truth flow!!! Dad

  2. Really well written, miss. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Holy WOW! Did you write that? It's awesome and needs to be published somewhere where everyone can read it!

    It's been a while since I've been here, I'm lovin' the look of your blog. We've come a long way since "Raining Umbrellas" How have you been?

    Just thought I'd stop in and say hello!
    Nowhere to go But Crazy