Thursday, March 15, 2012

Better late than never, eh?

Day 5:
It's 12:42 a.m. 
I'm writing for the day I just lived, even though it's technically the next day right now. Whatevs. 

So I thought that the question thing would be fun, then Dillon and Peter had to go all serious and deep on me… that's what I get for joking about keys having souls and what not, I suppose ;) No, just kidding. I like getting questions… it makes me feel important. ha!

Here goes…

Dillon said, "Here's a question to chew on:
What is a soul?"

Well, to clear things up, I certainly wasn't serious about lovely antiques having souls. I do think though that they may have some 'soul', so to speak. As, in character, history, etc.
What is a soul...
This was tough. I just asked my sister her opinion, and I really liked her thoughts.
A soul is who one is, apart from any physicality. The life, the persona of a being. 
I think that the soul is what makes us unique- each made special by the hand of God, with different passions, different desires, and different purposes. We live out those things in the bodies he put us in, which also make us unique from one another. 
He created us in his image, and I think that may not just be a physical recreation, but a 'soul duplication' as well. It's connecting with God and others on a deeper level than something we can see, or touch, or smell, etc. 
Who knows if any of that made sense.

Peter asked, "A question: When are you most content in Christ?"

I think that I am most content in Christ when I am most surrendered to Christ. It's amazing that when we let everything of this world go, and give it all to him, becoming a slave to righteousness… that is when true freedom and life are gained. I would be lying if I said I were there now. I often feel like I have the right words, or thoughts and can convey them nicely… all the while living the very way I'm speaking against. Life is a battle, and it does me good to remember I have an enemy, desperately trying to destroy me, and at the same time- a worthy king, passionately loving me, as I consistently fail him, and betray him. 
I am most content after I've battled- struggled, surrendered and found rest in his perfect will and faithfulness. 

Also, yes, I went back to an old playlist. Hopefully when/if I redesign my blog soon, I'll have a better playlist of more recent music findings. But this will do for now. Glad it made you happy.

Yeah, I sort of love the question thing. Any kinds of questions.

Hope you all are doing well, and had a great Thursday.



  1. Had an awesome Thursday :) Here's a not-so-serious question! You mentioned zoo animals in a previous post, so----if you could be any animal, what would it be? :D

  2. One more thing! For those super-serious inquiries, you could call them "coffee questions" and meet for coffee to answer in the blogosphere....;)

  3. The blogosphere needs heavier questions. Thanks for answering mine! :)
    That is indeed the biggest struggle. Lately the truth of who I am in Christ has been something I've been increasingly aware of my need to be aware of. If that makes sense. Who I am in Christ is sure; my awareness of that identity must increase and grow.

  4. Hi, Just came across your blog here because I like the "What now?" meme. I really like the music that is playing. Could you let me know who the artist is? Thanks!