Saturday, October 30, 2010

sunshine and doggie love

Agenda for the day:

sleep in ✓
pick up ashley ✓
finish writing small short piece for writing class ✓
compose song about my dogs ✓
take dogs on walk ✓
purchase various neat things at michaels ☐
see family ☐
eat food besides cereal ☐
read lessons for photography class ✓
read more lessons for said class ☐
read lessons for writing class ☐
write assignments for said class ☐
date with camera- assignments for former said class ☐
see hannah marie and maybe eat gelato ☐
visit starbucks ☐
get house ready for fellowship ☐
return garage door opener to gibson home ☐

i have a ways to go, but...

enjoy sunshine and the intricacy of creation ✔