Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am vibrant like the morning sun just after it’s fully above horizon. My bold hue has dominion over all other colors. I am distinguished; unique. I have the ability to change when mingled with contrasting colors. I give life, running through the veins of beings. Death comes when I escape. I am strong and consuming like a flame, but I can be gentle and reflective like satin. When painted on a pair of lips, I make them irresistible. I represent passion. I sneak into the cheeks of the romanced. I rest on the shoulders of the laborer in the sun. I cling to the tip of a chilled nose. Requested often, encountered daily, and always prepared. I am red.


  1. fun. I like writing like this and reading writing like this. :)

  2. Miss. Jensen,
    You amaze me.
    Sincerely, With Love,

  3. This is pretty! ;)