Tuesday, October 19, 2010

squirrel invasion.

Has anyone else noticed the growing boldness of these creatures? As I was in the TCH parking lot earlier, waiting to pull out, I watched a couple of them darting back and forth across the small lawn right by the sidewalk and very close to passing people and cars. This is a high traffic area and these little guys are just here and there and everywhere. Today is not the first time I've noticed their audacious actions. I recollect countless times of eyeing squirrels running in front of me or fearlessly creeping up the sidewalk to my house. They are everywhere and gaining confidence. Perhaps they are scheming to take over the world. Why not? I'm convinced the one that peers into our kitchen window is a spy. We named him the FBI squirrel. Seriously, the way they act around our house is crazy. Like they know something we don't. Some master plan we are all oblivious of. Almost as though they are laughing at us, as we walk by attending to our business. It makes perfect sense- they are cute little devils. It's always the cute ones you have to watch out for. No one expects it. Well put it on the record that I called it. I suspected them all along.

Just you wait and see.


  1. I think the same thing! They must be planning a huge invasion... cause I see them everywhere.

  2. In our old neighborhood there was this one squirrel that lived in a tree up the alley. I loved watching his audacious moods. He'd amble down the alley and let a neighbor dog bark his head off at him and then suddenly Mr. Squirrel would take off, INTO the dog's yard and straight across it.

    The dog would be so confused and then give chase, but Mr. Squirrel always escaped. Hm. I used to collect big acorns and leave them for him. Once he almost took one out of my hand.

    I miss Mr. Squirrel.

  3. SO true. And so well put. I like the way you write. IT'S good. :)

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nSd9bVMTNQ
    I found your evidnece Jami =D

  5. oh my goodness, yes!!!! the second video is so good!
    Thanks Leon :)