Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet Marisa...

I have a friend named Marisa.
She made this notebook for me. How cool is that?
Marisa is a girl that I really love. I mean, I love a lot of people, but there is something unique about Marisa.
She has a joy and presence that simply indicates the peace of God.
She is quiet and reserved when she sees fit and outgoing and enthusiastic when she's with friends and she feels comfortable- it's called discernment. A quality which I respect very much in a fellow human.
Marisa is kind- not just nice and "caring"- I mean this girl has a love and kindness that only comes from the true source of love- Christ Jesus.
As much as I admire and want to brag about her, I really must give the glory to God and praise him for the character and quality of this woman. Wow, good job, God for creating such a lovely, passionate, artistic being, uniquely designed to live a beautiful, inspired, encouraging life.
Marisa is a reflection of the Lord's love and creativity.
And good job, Marisa for walking on the path he has set out before you, by his grace.
Your life is truly a testimony to his goodness.
And now, good job to me, for somehow being lucky enough to find myself in a friendship with this talented, delightful, young lady!

Good work everyone.

Seriously!? Adorable!


  1. Aw... yes. Marisa is wonderful and so are you! How could you not be buds?

  2. You're a dear. This is super sweet. I agree.

  3. Jami. Dear, Jami.
    I do not deserve any of this, but I thank you so very much. I am HONORED to know you. (loveyou)
    Oh, and I LOVE your layout and pictures. I'm pretty sure I have to see more of this gorgeousness immediately. Preferably in person. But if not that, at least the rest of the photoshoot. :]