Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear friends,

How I wish I had some deep insight, some witty expression, some intelligent nugget to share with you…
I feel empty.
Yes, I do have thoughts, I do have revelations, but somehow nothing is just shoving it's way, about to burst forth. You know when you have that word that you just have to share, have to get out? Yeah, not having that right now.

I've been wanting to actually write a decent post for some time now, but as I have been taking more and more pictures, I seem to have the ability to show rather than tell. That's just where I am right now, I guess.

So, you get more pictures.

Two things I love:
My sister and bestie, (with…) Lana.

Put them together, and this is what you get…

Lana's "sexy" face.

Lana's not sexy face 

Coffee is just good.

oh, a drip.

She is just adorable. 


Not sure what's happening here, but I LOVE it.

"I have something in my eye." "Oh, here- I'll get it with my camera." 

dance. coffee. YOU. 


So many questions.
Oh, look. It's me.
these are a few of my favorite things...

Latte love. 


  1. Nice. :) Pictures are cool. If I took more pictures, I'd post more.
    And, another note...I think your pics in the title of your blog are epicly great.
    Annnnd...this song is pretty cool. Ingrid is pretty good.

  2. Many thanks!
    I enjoy Ingrid's work a lot.

  3. I love seeing all your pictures! You wrote about not having anything to say right now, but a lot to show, and I love seeing it! I think it's a nice change from just reading about what people love and are inspired by.

  4. yay! love the never have to have something awesome to say to blog, silly. blogs are for life. silence, pictures, or words! LOVE YOU AND your blog!!