Sunday, April 24, 2011

Visitors on Butterfield

So a while back I wrote a post about squirrels and their freakish growing population and boldness around people. View post here. Well, today I had an memorable experience… socializing with baby squirrels. I went outside to move the car, and my neighbor summoned me over to see this incredible sight. So, though I still believe the squirrel movement is spreading at an alarming rate, I cannot tell a lie… I absolutely melt over (most) small, furry creatures; anything miniature, really.
Hope you enjoy these little guys as much as we did…


  1. I had a friendly squirrel in my old neighborhood that I left giant acorns for. He took one from my hand, once; but I never got to hold him.

    Like this post.

  2. I can't decide who to be most jealous of, you or the squirrels who get all the ladies' hearts =P