Wednesday, April 13, 2011

*tap tap* ahem.

Oh, hello there.

Now bare with me- I realize it's been awhile since I've posted a 'just me, life, what's up' kind of post. And I think that's okay. Just as the seasons change around us and the tulips bloom and the cold heads out, we as people change and go through seasons of our own.

I'm happy to tell you that with the coming of this beautiful weather, which amazes me year after year with it's ability to never become less exciting than it was the year before, that I too have become re-inspired, renewed, and ready to live out the wondrous life that I have so undeservedly been given. So, in relation with you, my dear readers, that means I'll probably be writing more and posting more consistently.

Who knows though, really? Who can say what life will bring this month, this week, even this day? That is what makes it so exciting, is it not?

A lot has happened recently, so to bring you up to date with my life, I will tell you this… God is faithful :)

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Maybe I will write more on that another time, or perchance in real life, our paths may cross, and we may wonder together at his glory and goodness over coffee, or under the vast blue above us.

Color, childhood experiences, serving through time given, the sanctity of life, creating, and giving up all burden and anxiety; fear and worry to Lord--
All subjects recently flooding my mind and resting on my heart.

Have you lived today?


  1. I love this. Can I be one of those people who gets the honor of talking to you OVER coffee UNDER a blue sky? We neeed to talk again.

  2. I just wanted to stop in, read what's up (you always write some of the most refreshing things), and take the time to say... it's bear, not bare. =P Haha, grammar Nazi strikes again! No, but really, He is faithful, I may be alive but I always question if I'm really living. I hope you're doing well, I know I'm ready to offer Jesus my homework this Pascha (Easter). May we cross paths again soon. =D