Friday, October 14, 2011


There's a light up ahead,
can't see it yet- got a feeling instead.
I've been de-railed from a one-way track,
Free indeed, not looking back. 

No more worry or a wondering mind,
'cause a heart split apart is a gem in a bind. 
There is one who is true; not me, not you,
the healer of wounds, of which I've had a few.

Still winter must breath to bring forth the spring,
and 'til it awakens, I'm content just to be. 
But when the day comes, I'll be eager to flee,
to find the adventure, the adventure for me. 


  1. I like this poem a lot. I've been thinking about the winter to spring idea a good bit lately.

  2. wow this is beautiful. thank you. you just made my heart leap.