Monday, October 3, 2011

Dearest Mumsy and Papi...

A silly poem I wrote for my world traveling parents. Love and miss you!

Nothing is quite the same without you around,
only reflections of your living- why, they abound. 
Your messes lay lonely, your projects unfinished,
the days go quite smoothly, but the quality is diminished. 

Your voice, your words I'd love to hear,
I must take them for granted when you are near.
Always ready for whatever is needed,
you give of yourself time that is pleaded.

Give it a week, or maybe a couple,
and life will be normal with all of it's bustle.
But until you come back and complete what is missing,
please know, of times past,  I'll be here reminiscing. 


  1. Your parents should be proud. Haha, I love this, Jami :)

    Love, Joanna