Monday, August 15, 2011

Windy Words.

Lana and I went to Boone to visit our incredible Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Then we came to the appropriately named windy city, Chicago. Just for fun. The great thing about having a sister like Lana is that we're so similar, so when it comes to traveling, and adventuring we are pretty great. ha.

I've been to a lot of cities in my twenty years and I've been to Chicago twice before, also. (Well, if you count O'hare, I've been here many times… but that's irrelevant…)
In big cities, there is a lot for the senses. Lots of good, pretty, pleasant, and new things. But there are also plenty of ugly, dirty, sad, scary things as well. I continue to struggle with the 'homeless' dilemma. But perhaps that's for another time. When I'm placed in the midst of large amounts of people, (and in small amounts or more dispersed crowds- it just hits me harder with the masses) I can't help but wonder about individuals… wonder about their pasts, their wounds, their hearts. I hate thinking about the hurt and pain in their lives. I hate thinking that so many people don't know Jesus. Don't know how much they're worth. Don't know the truth. Don't have joy and security in Salvation. So as much as I enjoy visiting cities and traveling, I also feel burdened.

Now that I've got you all somber and thoughtful, I'll share a few photos of the trip.
We're heading home today. Which means, returning to work, reality, normal life.
I'm always peppered with a mixture of feelings upon the return from an adventure away from home.

A couple more things first…
We've spent some time in Starbucks here, too. Apparently, the toilets are just as loud here, but the people are also just as friendly. So all is well with that.

My friend, Zach was in Chicago at the same time as me, attending a geek, comic convention- we were even a few blocks away from each other at one point, but we never were able to meet up. I was sad about that, but life happens, I guess.


Yes, that's the amazing Misty May Treanor! :)

Live today.


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