Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Social Media for a higher purpose?… and some typical nonsense.

Hello there.
I've been thinking… 'A dangerous pastime, I know.' Name that show?
Okay, I'm getting super distracted by the music I'm listening to. I have a hard time multi-tasking sometimes. I also have to use extra restraint to keep myself still when I'm sitting in Starbucks, listening to lively music that only I can hear.

Back to thinking…

How much time do we spend social networking? I mean really, let's be honest… how many hours a day? minutes a day? days a week? I think it's safe to say that, well- I'll just make this about my own life- I waste way too much time on Facebook, which is my social media website of choice, currently. Oh, yes. I was a tweeter once, but out of good intending, self will, I ended that. What a sacrifice. (I'm completely mocking myself, if you weren't with me there.)

So we've established that plenty of time is passed online doing not-so-important things. What if we-- excuse me-- I, what if I spent more of that time learning, educating myself, and sharing information about real life- issues, topics, current events, truth. I've been challenged with this idea recently and would really like to act on it more regularly than I have in the past. I mean, with Facebook, or any social networking site, we really have a huge opportunity to get information or ideas out there to get people thinking. I'm seeing how many chances I miss, simply because I'm too busy living in my own little world where everything I see and do goes through the tunnel of 'how does/will this affect me?'

Just like in real life, I don't want to miss opportunities to share truth and life with other people. And on Facebook, that could be through posting facts about abortion, opportunities for serving, encouragement through words… etc.
I want to be bold for what I believe and take a stand for truth. I want to be a leader in the places I am. Facebook and Blogspot are where I am very often. Why should I be a lukewarm, quiet crowd member when I have been given the gift of life, with a purpose to share the truth and be a spark of hope in a dark world… in this case, a cyber-world.

Does any of this resonate with you?
Let's talk about it.

Also, I'm hoping to be posting much more consistently on here and on my website blog- theblueroom



  1. Beauty and the Beast. :)

    I'm glad to see Christ working in you and your desire to redeem your social networking. He's moved me in that direction several times, and it's saddening to see myself slip back into my self-centered attention-craving status-posting and profile-surfing. I'm thankful for grace. What would our world be like if we redeemed our social networking? Let's find out.

  2. Ok, I'm just too lazy to log in, but it's Sally :P I'd say social networking is a great way to kill time, but it'll drive you nuts if you spend too much time on it! Sometimes one realizes that God might be calling you to pray - about anything :) Like anything else, facebook can become a god we all bow to...our sanity's only so-so, and the wheels in our heads have been turning ;)

  3. Those are true words. I've actually been thinking lately about how much time I waste and what I could be doing with it. Fantastic post.

  4. Yes. For me you're right. I spend only a little bit of time each day on the phone networking, some more time at stores talking to strangers, a little bit of time is spent on facebook encouraging, commenting and praying for people. So, my social networkng is on the low end.

  5. Also, I agree I waste time. I get home from work, eat, watch the internet tv since I got rid of cable and netflix. I've thought I may work on projects, read, keep the house clean, maybe get out and visit with people more. The things I waste time with...well I"m working on thinning that out. You know how thinning your hair works? You cut some of the good stuff with the bad. I've dragged a bunch of stuff into the living room I may get rid of . If I get rid of all of it, I'll only replace a few things. But if there is some left, only the things I could use now will stay, the rest will go.

    Barry (not signed up or signed in) Cheyenne, Wy

  6. AHHHH ITS BEAUTY AND THE BEAST... now i will read the post...
    ahem... no i waste WAY too much time on Facebook... a lot of oh i have work in ten minutes/two hours so i can't do anything else i'll do this pointless thing when i could be reading a book, or actually accomplishing something... so its failure... anyway i think building awareness and evangelism is part of your spiritual gift so you're going to manipulate the technology to suit your gifts, and i think that's pretty cool

  7. I agree. If there's a meeting to discuss this type of stuff, or maybe have a group series, let me know.