Sunday, January 30, 2011

A glimpse into...

the writing sessions of a wanna-be.

I move the candles in nearer, close the curtains, and sit down in the best ten dollars I’ve ever spent- a big chair I bought at a garage sale years ago and have covered with a vintage sheet that does wonders for the color orange. Journal, notebook, computer, and the Daily Writer close by, I’m ready to begin.

Inspired by the daily reading from Fred, I open my journal and scribble down my thoughts and fears related to writing, and what I must do to succeed. It’s a motivational sort of entry that just sets my creative spirit loose; ready to conquer any obstacle the monotonous, empty wall across the room might hurl my way. You know the kind I’m talking about.

After the inspiring journal entry complete with a triple-point conclusion, I realize I’m hungry. I wander into the kitchen, pleased with the sight on the stove. With soup and cranberry juice in hand, I make my way back to the cozy corner in my room.  I open my computer and begin to eat my lunch. Now, I can’t write and eat at the same time, so naturally I check what’s new on facebook and in the blogosphere.

The world seems to be doing alright. Okay, I really need to get started now. I have an idea for a piece, which is a start-but wait, I need music! In the mood for something new, so I open my document of recommended music (yes, I do have one- please, no judging,) and after a few failed chances by artists who are to remain un-named, I settle on Rosie Thomas… for now. Thanks, Grooveshark.

Back to business. Does a fresh, blank word document terrify anyone else? I should be over it by now. Ready or not, I start typing. That’s the second hardest part- starting. I think the first hardest part is finishing. Is that weird? Just keep typing.

Well, I’ve started, so now I deserve a break, right? Ice cream. Don’t you love when the amount left in the carton is the perfect amount for the vessel you’ve chosen to eat it out of? I do. In this case, it’s a flimsy, plastic cup with hearts running across the center- a treasure from Valentine’s Day past, to be sure.

After a few more paragraphs, a change of tunes, a minor spoon catastrophe, a facebook update, and a stomachache, I’m almost done. Wait, didn’t I just start?
Perhaps the heart of the story is in the journey, and the end gives no warning.

After all, isn’t that how life works?


  1. Fun. :) I never knew anybody got as distracted from their writing as many times as me. Although I think you win as far as interesting distractions.

    Great ending: "Perhaps the heart of the story is in the journey, and the end gives no warning."

    I'm not sure that's how life "works," but it does end like that. Haha. No, life works like that too. Nicely written. It's been fun to see your writing style grow on this blog.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I can always count on you for thoughts about my posts!
    I hope it's been good growth :)

  3. haha, boy I can relate. That's been the story of my writing for the past three years. Interesting thing though, I had a bit of a breakthrough just today. I was working on focusing on who my audience was, hoping that might unblock my distractions and rabbit trails, and it dawned on me: my audience aren't readers really. The people I am aiming to target and what I'm wanting to accomplish is more of a ministry thing not a writing thing. I'm gonna have to think about that one.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share, hope you don't mind. :) Thanks for writing!!

  4. A blank word document scares the heck out of me, too. Sometimes I start a whole new piece on a page that already has old writing on it just to avoid the terror!

  5. Hey Jami! I actually found you through a friend, Daniel Gardner. He had you listed among his blogs.


  6. Hey There Jami,

    Love the blog. It'll definitely be a new favorite read, and Grooveshark is pretty much the best thing on the internet. Take Care,

  7. Distraction. oh yes. We're good friends. This post sounds a lot like most of my days. haha.
    I like you, Jami.
    (also, I approve of your music choice). :)

  8. Ahh, distractions...You are such a beautiful writer.
    Beautiful girl.
    This was refreshing. :]