Tuesday, January 11, 2011

romantic vs. practical

Dec. 13th 2010
Well, off on another adventure! Oh, how I love traveling. But at the same time, it scares me a little. 
First mistake, well maybe mistake- I went the romantic route, rather than practical by bringing my floral suitcase and turquoise backpack. The suitcase- though small, has no wheels. And the backpack- though comfy, is a bit heavy, and I don't have a rolling suitcase to set it on. Oh, well- too late now! 
Headed to Newark. This plane is very small. The lady across the aisle reminds me of the mother in the old 'Freaky Friday.' Complete with supplemental eyelashes. Just sayin'! 
Mom gave me a freelance writing book for 'Guys and Dolls' (no connection to the show there, but heck! I like it!) I brought it, along with 'Persuasion' (as we will be visiting Miss Jane Austen's house, grave, etc,) 'Passion and Purity,' 'The Big Book of Words you should Know,' and of course, the Bible :) 
Carly and Joseph came along, too. And the new lens. Looking forward to using that! 
Why, oh why is my handwriting not romantic? How I long to write beautifully crafted words. Blast!

An excerpt from my London journal, just a bit tweaked.


  1. Your handwriting is romantic... i love it.. i have two letters of beautiful jami scroll

  2. Your suitcase definitely was worth it. Even though you may have under-packed, I'm always skeptical of people who have many suitcases. Although I'm one of them. Anyway...I think your baggage-carrying-device is pretty and cool. And must be used.

  3. Take calligraphy! I hear it's not that hard (though I have uber guy handwriting and wouldn't dream of trying it) and it looks super cool!