Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here are some words of wisdom I received recently from people I highly admire and respect. Maybe you will be inspired and enlightened as well. Enjoy.

"When you're creative, you're experiencing what God made you to be."- J.E.

"Doing one thing a week working toward your dream or goal gives you 52 things in one year."- C.C.

"It's our job to see the beauty in others and make it known to them."- M.W.

"The gift of love is to the receiver; the power of love is to the giver."- M.W.

"God uses people- the enemy does, too."- M.R.

"Don't confuse motion with action."- M.R.

"The good thing about mistakes is that God can use them- when we step out."- M.R.

"God wants to bless you, but he can't 'find' you because you're trying to be someone else."- unknown

lots of life has happened lately.
God continues to be good.
He always will be, you know.


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  1. Good quotes. Also good playing with you today. Your blog encourages me.