Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Essential Gear for the Daring Girl

So I pulled out my Daring Book for Girls book the other night and was reminded of how wonderful being a girl (and a daring girl at that) is and can be. But, I realized that there are some things I don't possess that I need to, in order to be a true adventurer. I thought you might benefit from this information as well.

Here is the list of "Essential Gear" according to the book:

1. Swiss Army Knife.  Yeah, definitely need to get one of these ASAP.

2. Bandana check! 

3. Rope and Twine Twine, check! I need to find a good old rope though.

4. Journal and Pencil- with a back-up Pen check and check!

5. Hair band duh.

6. Bungee cord mmm can't say I own my own bungee cord…

7. Flashlight check!

8. Compass definitely need to get one of these. this will also benefit me as a pirate. 

9. Safety Pins always hanging around, but never seem to be around when you need one. 

10. Duct Tape should probably keep a stash of this under my bed...

11. Deck of cards and a good Book have these in excess!

12. Patience good grief. lay it on me, please!

I feel so inspired to go exploring. Adventure is always there if we are willing to seek it out.
Have you been on any expeditions lately? Found treasure of any sort recently? Discovered something new or fascinating today?

If so, tell me all about it!


here's a shout out to my wonderful Sister who just started her blog. Go check it out and comment to let her know you visited! Don't forget to follow her blog, as well. I know it will be a good read! :)


  1. Adventure is out there! Love.

  2. I walked home from the prayer meeting this morning. It was hot already, it was muggy, and I was going alongside Turkey creek.

    So yeah, I was probably lying down and enjoying the creek like a little kid for at least a half hour some fifty feet from I-35.

    And I'm going to do it again.

  3. Yes Nate! That's the spirit! :) thanks for sharing, and i do hope you do it again.

  4. Love the theme music. :) Caleb and I once found a green and red dotted, diamond shaped leechy-type-thing on a board during one of creek walks (very daring...tree-jumping, creek surfing, etc) and we smashed it. We were proud of ourselves at the time...we figured it must be very dangerous. Creek walks are kind of a tradition. We have a special spot we try to get to at least once a summer with a very special tradition there. :)

  5. thanks, the music definitely sparks something inside me.
    sounds like a fascinating adventure. good work and keep it up!
    traditions are important :)