Monday, June 21, 2010

My Dad.

My dad is incredible. I am so terribly blessed by this man and I don't really know how I got so lucky to have a father like him. He is simply the best.
He is a hard worker and has always provided for us, but never made work more important than family and encouraged the relationships within our family to be top priority, which makes the fact that my best friends ARE my family pretty neat.
He's always given us what we need, but never went overboard with spoiling, which I'm grateful for (though, when i was younger and Jessa had the pool, the sims game, the ferbie, the cable, and a bunch of pets… I may have felt a little differently ;)
We were spoiled with the fact that we traveled/travel a lot! His passion for seeing the world, became my passion as well. Some of our most memorable times have been on family vacations when he's herded us all over the world on long, incredible adventures.
I'm also thankful for his disciplinary action when we were growing up. Though again, I certainly did not appreciate or understand it then, I do now and know now how important that is. And along with the discipline came love and assurance. He did it the right way.
Though, I know reader that after reading all that, you must think him a superman by now (I didn't even get started! ;) but, I could not let you leave thinking he is what is he because of himself or anything he has accomplished. It is by Christ's sacrificial love and the grace of God that his life is what it is. And he would not want you thinking anything different! I am so thankful that my father made the choice to serve the Lord, not just using words but by deeds and actions. Because of that, I have seen Christ in him and know how better to serve the Lord, my personal savior.

Needless to say, I love him.
How will I ever find anyone who comes close?


  1. you will, someday, find someone...and you will be amazed how perfect that person is for you. I love your dad too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thx for the feeback :]

    i'm doing pretty good...

    i've been sort of homeless for a minute.

    you should give me a call sometime...

    or you could just text me.