Friday, June 11, 2010

blue, a little.

Faces all around,
room full of sound. 
            But I feel a little lonely.
Busy bodies everywhere,
Do any of them really care?
            I still feel a little lonely.
'Great job', 'good work.'
Words, words, words.
            I still feel a little lonely.
Hundreds of eyes,
a loud applause.
           But I still feel a little lonely.
Eyes meet, hands touch- 
the last dance is danced.
           I'm not so lonely anymore.
Glances come, we don't care-
our world is complete again.
           I'm home, and lonely is gone.


This is a piece I did for a creative challenge given by a Vicki of 'Simply Hue'
Not completely in love with it. Did it pretty fast and didn't put much into it. It's kind of messy and thrown together. But I still like it and shall claim it as my work :)

Would love to hear thoughts on either piece!
Question of the post: (caution: it's a tough one…)

Favorite disney pixar film? 
I don't think I could even answer this one… *sigh*



  1. I think my favorite is "UP" ... because it's too great.... but still tough... ummm.. beautiful poem... it sounds like your feeling the same way i'm feeling... but i can't find yoooooooou...
    i completely love that piece.. and your creativity... i think i will draw today

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  3. Interesting writing, conjures up memories of weddings and graduations.
    My favorite pixar is Up, because of the character development and message. The Incredibles is a close second...because I'm a sucker for superhero movies and that one is pretty much the cleanest in the genre. :)

  4. wrote that super late the other night kind of sporadically. Has a few meanings for me.

    UP is amazing. and the incredibles is amazing… so is monsters inc. and toy story is great… ahhh they are all wonderful. but i definitely will put 'a bug's life' at the bottom of the list. agree?

  5. this was one of my very favorites!
    : )