Saturday, July 7, 2012

somber saturday

Found this piece jotted down in my journal from a few months ago. Funny. I still relate...

If I don't write, my mind may explode,
But once I get started it's a long, long road.
'Cause you see, I've got feelings; thoughts, even needs,
They're all trapped inside- just dying to be freed. 

Now the problem lies between mind and fingers-
there's a disconnect that leaves thoughts to linger.
'Cause I can't empty them out, like a bag full of trash-
heck, I can only hope to grab a few from this stash. 

Now here's a page full, and I've said next to nothing- 
I wonder what'd happen if I really reached for something.

If you want to know about my recent creative ventures, check out my art blog-

Today, I feel overwhelmed, impatient, anxious, excited, and weary. Strange? Yeah.

How are you? 



  1. Tired, mostly. Been battling lots of impatience myself. :/

  2. I'm sorry your feeling so overwhelmed, Sometimes, the only thing to do is sleep. I get like that too, sometimes. I have all these ideas but no energy or all this energy, but no inspiration. It's awful.
    I hope you feel better.

    As always, your writing amazes me. Keep it up!


  3. Liked the poem. ^_^

    How am I? Hrm. At this very moment, I am a strange lack of emotions. I just got out of bed half an hour ago, and I rarely wake up with feelings. I pick them up as I go. ;P

    But lately, I've gone back and forth between happy and unsatisfied, with a bit of insufficiency and overwhelm-ness.