Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the real adventurers.


        Well, it happened- Christmas came and then went. I just really love Christmastime. One of my favorite things about Christmastime is being with family. Cliche, I know. But my family is my favorite, so I like to think they're better than anyone else's. Anyway, this post actually isn't about my Christmas, rather about some people who are a reflection of Christ, so it sort of works out to be Christmas-y.

Now, I've always known my Grandparents to be incredible, loving, generous people who fear the Lord and do their best to serve him in everything they do.

{important note: That up there ^ was from about 2 weeks ago or so- still relevant though, and i'm picking up from where I left off…}

        *Ahem* Grandparents. Christmas… oh, yes. I'm incredible blessed to have Grandparents who I grew up visiting often, who came to endure multiple shows I've been in, who came to stay with us when my parents went on adventures without us, who have driven all over the country to visit family… yes, you get the point- they're amazing. And most amazing of all, their faithfulness to the Lord has led our family to Jesus, too.

        During the time they were visiting for Christmas, my eyes were opened to a whole new level of their amazingness… Most people in their seventies are worried about future living situations, what channel the news is on, and where is their dinner? Not to say that my grandparents are perfect, or that they don't acknowledge that they are not getting younger. But that does not stop them from seeking the Lord's will for their lives at this place where he's brought them. These incredible people are doing kingdom work here! As my Grandmother shared with me letters from a young man she had years ago in Sunday school, who is now is prison, she expressed sadness at not having done more for him when she was in a place of authority. Now, she is corresponding with him and encouraging him, as he's seeking the Lord and trying to do the right thing after all these years that have been lost. My Grandfather meets with other men weekly to pray and is active in sharing Christ's love with those he comes across whether it's his work, or at the grocery store. They visit and serve the lonely, elderly people in the nursing home in Boone, and share the hope and truth of Jesus Christ with them. They listen to these people. My Grandma prays for everyone in our family everyday. And I'm pretty sure that's a huge reason why my immediate family is alive. Seriously.

Basically, I've been really challenged and encouraged by witnessing my grandparents- just living their lives where God takes them. Not on a big stage, not to be seen as anything… but because of Christ in them.

I hope to be as vibrantly passionate about the Lord when I'm seventy-five as they are now.

         Do you have Grandparents? They've been around longer than you, and though you may think you know everything already… you're wrong. Ask them questions, about anything. Respect them. Chances are, you have no idea what their lives have really been like. Chill out and learn something from people who have really lived.

What does God have for me right now, where I am? What does he have for you?

Let's ask him… anything is possible.


p.s. I hope to post more frequently in the coming weeks… but of course you've heard that before. ha. 

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  1. I have one grandparent left, and I still pray for her salvation. Great observations of your's though! That's the kind of grandpa I want to be. Influencing generations, because they can.