Saturday, December 24, 2011

Atmosphere, Tea, and a High King.

Hello, dear Readers,

First of all, I ask you to forgive me for the haphazardness of this post. So many ideas and subjects for writing have been swirling around in my head the last couple of days… so please, bear with me.

Here is a blog post from 367 days ago:

I've been thinking about surroundings lately, and how they affect us. In a long term way and on a daily basis. The households we grow up in and the people who raise us play a huge part in shaping us into who we become. Everyday, the atmosphere we are in and the people we are subjected to… school, work, home… they all impact us continually. The scary thing is, we often don't realize it.

Last year at this time, I was in Birmingham, England with my sister, mom and aunt. We were at our cousin's tiny house and very well taken care of. We had food to eat, warmth, pleasant, sweet company, tea, and coffee ON THE HOUR… yeah, it was nice. But, I literally felt sick. I think that was the first time I've truly understood and physically felt real homesickness. Our flight out of London had been canceled, and then two others out of Birmingham after that were canceled. The Lord definitely used the time to open my eyes to the fact that I was completely consumed with my own little world, the traditions of my family, and my own selfish desires. I'd never not been with my whole immediate family on Christmas, and our extended family rituals are something I hold in high esteem. Anyway, the point is… that was last year. It was sad. But good. I can look back with fondness on the queen sized bed that the three of us attempted to sleep in, the 12 different vegetables and turkey we enjoyed for Christmas dinner, and the constancy of the soaps streaming through the big screen. Now, I can smile with thankfulness that I'm sitting in my living room on Christmas eve, listening to my family joking and laughing around the table in the other room, that I could drive anywhere if I wanted to, and that I can sleep in my bed and wear any of my clothes. They are simple things, but I am thankful.

I've been reading in Hebrews lately. Wow. Just wow. It's so good. I challenge you to look into that book if you haven't recently. Talk about reasons to be thankful.

Yes, Christmas is about Jesus being born, but how can we celebrate the birth of Christ without thinking about the death and resurrection; the prophecy which he came to fulfill?
A baby Jesus doesn't seem to offend people much at Christmas time, but what about a high King who created the world and defeated death for all mankind because of Love? Who hates sin and loves his creation? A God who is jealous for our hearts, and vicious toward his enemies? Who died on calvary for my sake, that I may spend eternity with him in paradise?

That is the baby Jesus I celebrate this year... And that is a dang good reason to be thankful.

What Jesus do you celebrate this year?


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  1. Oh jami... how i love thee... I love that i can hear your voice when you write.. and i love that you keep the lessons you learn within your heart... you brighten up my life!