Wednesday, May 11, 2011

summer hopeful.

summer hopeful. by ivoryhopes
summer hopeful., a photo by ivoryhopes on Flickr.

I finally got photoshop elements. Thanks to, I'm not completely lost :)
I'm a complete sucker for texture.
What do you think?


  1. I think there is so much beauty in nature it seems impossible to fully capture it. Yet some people amaze me with their eye for a good photo. Brilliant =D

    I wish I had half the skill and time it takes to do this, or any art. Everyone has their gifts, that just isn't mine =/

  2. I adore this photo, Jami! It reminds me of Summer. You've got talent for sure. :)

  3. To me, you put the melon on the 'perfect' photographic place. It's so nice to see the green of the grass coming back in the melon and I like the contract between the vivid and colourful red of the lemon and the sober pastel shades of your skirt and shoes. It's nice you've installed Photoshop, it's a challenging world on his own (which I still don't have discovered ;-)) Enjoy your creativity! :-)

  4. I think I love it :D
    The composition is great, even before you play around with photoshop. The treatment you gave it is also beautiful, I really love it!
    Keep it going!

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  6. I'm really diggin this picture. =]