Monday, May 16, 2011

Last week.

Hello there.
I'm going to share a few things I did this past week. I didn't get past making the notebook… meaning, I decorated it and then worked on other stuff and it's still blank :) Oh well. I'll just post a few photos.

One evening, my art teacher told me I was going to paint with oil. I've done this one time before and discovered how little patience I have. ha! Anyway, I gave it another try and had fun just working with a few shades. Simple. It makes me think of the ocean, or the sky. Deep and Dark.

The embellished notebook… pages still blank. Oops.

Headband with the same type of flowers; modeled by my lovely friend, Diana :)

As I mentioned before, I've been playing around with Elements and creating my own textures.
Here are the textures I threw together. The paper already had the nice velvet design.


I had a fun week :)
And once again, thanks to Kim Klassen for helping me not get lost in the confusion of Photoshop Elements :) I'm taking a mini e-course from her this week to learn more. Yay!
Oh! And I'm super excited about my new workbench/table and slowly evolving workspace. Photos soon, perhaps.



p.s. My 'Adventure' photo on flickr


  1. You're so creative, Jami! I love the headband and your notebook cover. You ought to do a mini tutorial on your blog. :)

    Your textures are awesome, too!

  2. Why are you such an amazing artist? Loving the pictures. I love seeing your work. I always hear about you working on stuff but I never see it. So thanks for sharing =] You're awesome.

  3. I love the headband! Do you sell on Etsy? It'd be a nice way to make some extra cash...

    I also love the textures, I too am a sucker for texture. Great work, and don't worry about leaving the notebook blank, I got my notebook, then drew out all my stuff on printer paper...I kept forgetting to bring it with me. : (

  4. Inspiring! I love that you are pursuing all aspects of creativity and art.

  5. Such a lovely collection of photos Jami :)
    Lovely texture work! I know nothing about textures but the more I see the more I think it's something I should be learning :)
    I'm also doing Kim Klassen's mini course :D