Friday, February 26, 2010

Farewell Love...

Ok, I'm sick of love. No, I'm only sick of posting about love. 

Let us recap what I've posted over the last month concerning love:

Post #1: I share my view on what real love looks like and lecture about how bad the world is and give a biblical reference for guidance and to make us all feel guilty. (1 Corinthians 13) 

Post #2: I soften a little and admit that I'm really quite a romantic, despite my strong convictions on the subject of love, post some random facts, quotes, stories concerning said topic, and lastly condemn those who don't like Valentines day.

Post #3: I post images that have anything to do with love from my photo library, and insert a nice, deep quote about love by someone I know nothing about. (You can tell I'm losing interest in the subject- photos are always the easy way out of a good post.) 

Post #4: I openly confess to being tired of posting about Love, proceed to go into an organized recap of what has come from my experimental blogging journey, and end the post with a love song.

I say it's been a good month. ha. 


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