Friday, July 3, 2009

Firsty Entry

I have decided to start a blog for a few purposes. I love writing- i'm not very good at it, but i enjoy it and would like to do it more and i thought that this would be a good way. I have lots of thoughts and opinions and questions concerning different issues or just concepts in general. I think this will be a good way to discuss those and share my thoughts, and hear yours, whoever you are. Most likely, i will just end up writing about life- the adventures i have, the adventures i want to have and everyday things. I sort of see this blog as a journal where i write about anything i feel like and share about random things and happenings. That includes songs, photos, conversations, music, stories etc. Of course i will leave out all the juicy stuff that my real journal provides space for :-) It's going to be a little slow coming i'm afraid as i am departing next friday on another adventure. But soon i hope to make my page a little more "me" and not so much "script". I have yet to learn the ways of the blogging world. Any advice from you pros would be appreciated :-)

Most sincerely,



  1. I'm glad you're starting a blog...I've found it to be a very rewarding experience, as well as helping me to get my thoughts out better than I could have accomplished if i was just trying to talk to somebody about it. Also, blogging is fun! It's fun to see what people come to my blog, and when, and how if you need help setting up a statcounter account, just ask. Hope to see you at my graduation shindig!

  2. I look forward to my blogging days ahead.
    ok, thanks.
    yes, for sure. i will be there.

  3. jami dear,

    just don't be more interesting on your blog than in person. might sound crazy, but some people are actually might more pleasant, kind, exciting, etc online than in person. and isn't that disappointing.

    i had a blog at one time, but no one read it or commented on it and then i decided, hey, i'm a stuffer anyway--what good is a blog doing me? not much.

    anyway, i'll see you at peter's thing tommorrow. i probably won't be staying long though.

    love, marion

  4. Thanks for the advice friend. I could understand how that might happen. I hope to be the same in real life as I am on my blog. Now i'm getting confused. Who am I anyways?