Monday, July 13, 2009


I started to write a post before I left on friday but as i was trying to finish it up I heard the alarm being set downstairs and people going outside... I had to shut the window and run down yelling "No, don't go without me... I want to go toooooo!"

Here is a part of my journal entry on Friday while on the plane:

"Last night I went to bed at 3:30am and woke up this morning at 7:00am. I am tired. I've realized more than ever with this trip that traditions are traditions as far as staying up super late before any big adventure. I love it."

I love adventure. I think that life, real life- the life that God created humans to live is all about adventure and adversity and helping one another. All with the purpose of seeking him more and more as we go and discovering just how big and amazing he is and that no matter how much we search and chase, there will always be more of him that remains a mystery. Man, i love that about God. Unfortunately, I don't think that many people find this real kind of living. I don't even know if I can say I live like that. I know that it's out there though, and I really want it. What keeps people from finding this abundant life that God promises us? Let's see... selfishness... fear, maybe? How about pride. ouch. I am speaking from my own experience here. I get so caught up in my own life and living for myself that I honestly forget about God. Did I just say that? Whoops. Really though, isn't that what it is. Or maybe worse, I know that I'm not close to him and I'm okay with it. Kind of. Wow, just kind of went off there. Anyways... these are just some thoughts. I'd love to hear from anyone.

I am super blessed to be on an incredible adventure right now with the most amazing people- my family. I saw so much of God's glory today, it's crazy. Life is good.

A few things things I've learned while being in Alaska and just some random facts:

-It's 12:54 am right now and it's still somewhat light out- I watched the sunset around 11:20. So weird.

-People do beards so good here. I love it... for the most part.

-Glaciers are nice to drink... and beautiful... and fun to walk on.

-Moose are cute.

-It finally gets mostly dark around 2:00 am

-Northwest airlines is not so great.

-I really do have the best family ever.

-Although everyone says you will see bears they really are scarce... so far. This is somewhat comforting, but I am ready to have a wonderful bear adventure, dang it.

-The beauty of God is all around, no matter where you go... you just have to be content to notice it.

Everyday is new with no mistakes...




  1. I love you so much!!! I like your thoughts. It's scary...but we are so centered on ourselves. So much so that we do forget about God. :[

    I love your thoughts about Alaska!! We went 2 years ago...and it was incredible.
    I'm so jealous saw moose?
    We saw mountain goats, and a baby bear right under the bridge we were on--seriously about 5 feet from us....

  2. Ohhhh. I like this post. And the last line is the best. Everyday we get to start over. I love that. I might repost it I love it so much Jamers. Had fun in Alaska! Want to go explore some other part of the world now???