Sunday, March 27, 2011


for the week:

become a clever seamstress
transform into a brilliant pianist
finish essay/story
order some new supplies
paint a couple of pictures for the bathroom
exercise every day (besides dance)
go out for a photo shoot
read a few books...
...turn into a history buff
bake some banana bread
learn how to throw pottery

no big deal.

what about you?


  1. whoa girl. A couple of those are my life goals. If you can get them done in a week, I'm going to be so jealous. :) That's a great list.

  2. I put a list of goals for this year on my wall above my computer:

    1. Learn Lightwave (3D animation software)
    2. (Re)learn guitar
    3. Publish a boardgame
    4. Work out everyday (well, as often as I can)
    5. Reading list (which I keep adding to): A Praying Life, Forgotten God, The Alchemist

    My latest short term goal is to get this upcoming Pixar internship!

  3. Sounds wonderful. Pixar internship!? Incredible- you'd be great!
    Okay, so in reality… if I accomplished these things by the end of my life… I'd probably be happy.

  4. I like these. I need to make this list.

  5. This week:

    Complete taxes.
    Eliminate clutter.
    Set new budget.
    Read two books.
    Get car repaired.
    Have fun with my family.

    Liked the bit about tossing pottery. Sounds fun.