Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here's a short piece I wrote for my writing class. It was kind of an experiment and the object, occupation, and location were picked at random from a list. And may I add, fiction is not my thing.

Science Teacher
Sandy Beach

Mr. Walton was so glad to have taken his vacation week in June. The warm sand was just what he needed under his stiff, aching back. After all, he stood up all day in the classroom and he even took on summer classes this year. Ah, yes, this was the life. Right as he was dozing off, something mercilessly bashed against his head. He sprung up, disoriented to see an oblivious little girl, with a head of strawberry-blonde curls and both arms full of random oceanside paraphernalia- sunglasses, bucket and shovel, a bag of goodies and the object he immediately recognized as the cause for his recent injury. A brightly colored umbrella, complete with stripes and a small, curved handle. He smiled wide, despite the growing lump on his head, as he watched her follow her mother until they found the perfect spot, and she set up her umbrella. As he laid his swelling head back down, he mused on the wonder of young life. Even being the scientist that he was, he could not put his finger on the mystery of a child’s power and ability to spread joy and honesty, amidst pain and confusion in a hurting world.


  1. I.Love.This. and you.....I'm glad you're my best friend. :)

  2. Nice. Reminds me of those moments of pure joy and wonder as a kid.