Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wish I didn't have to make all those mistakes and be wise...

…name that song! 

Life is a gift. Don't waste it, or fake it. 

Too often I find myself just coasting through the day, totally unaware of the beauty all around me. When you take a minute to look around, and soak up your surroundings, you might be surprised with what you see. I also take for granted my situation in life way too often… as in all the time. I think the saying "You don't know what you got til it's gone" is very true, i might add "you don't know what you got 'til you get shaken up a bit…" 

Unfortunately, even after these revelations come and slap me in the face, I eventually slowly slip back into complacency. Ugh, no. I want to remember all that I've learned. Sometimes being human is just plain maddening. Do you ever feel that way? 

The good news is that I am learning, growing and being molded into who I was made to be- not by me or anything by my power, but by the one who made me and knows me better than I know myself. He alone is writing my story, which is great because he is a best-selling author. Yesss.

Question of the post: What is your favorite piece of classic literature? 



  1. I find myself thinking about this all the time! It really is maddening, being so complacent, wanting to do something about it, and then doing nothing to change it.
    Gotta love the human nature. :)

  2. I had a lengthier comment, and just lost it. Ugh. Hate that. So...good thoughts. Have wondered before how we don't often realize what we have until we've lost something or experience some kind of hardship (not usually TOO severe, although it seems life-ending). I have a post circulating in my head that could deal with that somehow...we'll see. There's a list of blog posts in my cranium.
    Favorite literature...that's tough. I haven't read as much as I should, I must confess. I really enjoyed a Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich, by Alexander Soltzenitsyn...Jane Eyre wasn't bad, Great Expectations was hard for me to read, but I was younger...Lord of the Flies gave me nightmares, but is fringe classic if that. Ha. There are some. :) And now this comment is longer than my first.

  3. Kylie Joy! I didn't know you had a blog :)thanks for your input!

    Peter, thanks for the comment. look forward to those posts. and question- when did you read Jane Eyre?

  4. Jami, Have you read Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis? I absolutely love it-- I've read it about three times, and I still don't entirely understand it, but I get something new each time. :)

  5. Jess- I have not! But I look forward to reading more C.S. Lewis in the future. He is wonderful! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  6. Oh, I love your blog...so inspirational. :)

    Hmmm, my favorite old literature has to be the story "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde. I hate to admit this, but I also love the Anne of Green Gables books. lol.

  7. Third try to post a comment here. Okay. So. I forget what post was circulating now. Oh well. I agree with Jess: Til We Have Faces is a great book to think about, and I need to read it again. I read that one the same year I read Jane Eyre, I believe. Good stuff.

  8. The song is called 'The Hill' and it's from 'Once'. Yep. Thanks. I know the answers. muahaha.