Monday, April 12, 2010

Around the corner...

Sometimes I hate the way life works.

I mean…I love life. I love the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen.
I love the adventure it throws into the routine and normalcy of everydayness…
but I hate the fact that I emote after something is over or when something changes.
You'd think I would have it down by now... I wish I could turn off my feelings for a few days while things get back in order after weeks of constant relationship and routine. I know things are already starting to be back to normal again but I kind of hate that, too. I know I can never go back, never relive those exact experiences- which I guess is why it makes them so special and so memorable. See, it makes sense the way it all works. But that doesn't mean that it's easy.
I am once again reminded of the good Lord's faithfulness. People will disappoint, times will always change. But he is I AM always and forever and that gives me hope for what's around the next corner.

On a lighter note… I've been so into records since I got my player set up. It's pretty much all I listen to these days… i-pods are so overrated…ha. just kidding. I have been having many a solo dance party… Care to join me?


Erin Elizabeth ruby red lips Maude Niles took this photo. looove her.

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