Friday, January 8, 2010

Where does one start?

Well as anyone who reads this blog (which is not many, though i'm not complaining) knows... It's been a while. Due to a few reasons. But not anymore :) I'm ready to start writing much more, a new years resolution perhaps? Nah, just one more thing i'm aspiring to. I really don't know what to even write about at this point. When so much life happens and you don't really know who all you're talking to and what they know and don't know, it's quite difficult. Maybe I will reflect on the last year, since that's a recent happening ;) Well here goes, let's see what happens...

Peter Pan and Aladdin. Two shows I was in last year. Those were really testing, good times. What's amazing about being in a production is that before it starts you know there will be challenges, but you don't really know what they will be yet, only that they will come. And then, then you get into rehearsals and things aren't always as you want and were thinking they would be, and you have that Ah-ha! moment. "THESE are the challenges I knew would come!" And with plenty of sisterly and motherly advice you get through them one by one, from a horrible costume, difficult people or maybe the fact that your co-actors are a group of 30 eight year olds. Yes, it happens. But even through all of the problems and trials there is something about being apart of a group of people with a common purpose that is just wonderful and exciting and makes me happy just thinking about it.

Alaska. Another family vacation. I think it's probably safe to say that some of, if not most of the best moments in my life have been in a far away place, on an adventure, with my family. Some of our extended family was a part of this trip, which was so much fun! (I'll still pretty convinced that I have the best family in the world.) Before, I didn't really know much about Alaska besides the fact that Sarah Palin was the governor and that is was full of coldness, bears, and whales. And though Alaska is known for those things for a reason, it also has much more to offer, which I discovered while spending time there. I believe a previous post has more on my Alaska adventure if you're interested.

Then, a few weeks after we returned home from Alaska, my dad decided the cruise was just a teaser and stole my mother away onto a romantic, month-long, motorhome trip to... yes, Alaska. My cousin flew here from AZ and we had a wonderful visit and I didn't think about them being gone. Then after she left, it was kind of a weird time for me; living without parents, having to do stuff I'm not used to doing without them. It was really good for me. Some people think that there is a magical age when you have to grow up or become mature and maybe for some there is, but I think it comes when you don't expect it (cliche, I know.) And for me, I grew a lot during that month, because I had to take responsibility for things I wasn't used to being in charge of.  I love my parents and I'm so glad they were able to take that trip, and I'm glad I learned a lot by them being gone... but I have to say, It's really nice having parents. Around :)

And now I'm looking ahead, hoping for a year with exciting adventure, more knowledge, new creations, continued friendship, and a deeper understanding of Christ Jesus, my Lord.



  1. Okay- You're point of growing up when you have to- I totally agree with that.. and it just randomly happens.. it's kind of great.. but life is dif. better with parents.

  2. It was a full year, wasn't it?

    Well, having to watch you grow up isn't so easy, either! To have you guys be little again, just for one day- mmmmmmm!

    Ask, seek, knock... God has a wonderful year planned for you!

    Love you.

  3. ATTENTION EVERYONE: Has my mother not just proved that i DO INDEED have the best family ever???? ;)

  4. Guess what Jamers. I think a trip to KC to see you again isn't a bad idea considering how much I miss you (and every other cousin of mine in the world--why did we have to grow up again??). Your blog makes me smile. But you, you make my heart smile. You're such a beautiful girl, inside and out.