Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rain, solitude, and the overwhelming.

Life is full. Full of hope, adventure, love... but also pain, disappointment, and stress.

A lot has been going on in mine as of late (my new favorite phrase, by the way.)
Instead of telling you all of the things going on, I will tell you what I have learned because of them...

Parents are something not to be taken for granted. I've been without mine for only a little over and week and I still have a couple more to go- I have too often needed a "mom hug" or a piece of advice from Dad.

Family (cousins, in particular) are just wonderful. My cousin Chelsie came to visit from AZ for a week and I realized once again how blessed I am to have such lifelong friends in my cousins. Did that make sense?

God is in control. I had a really weird, horrible pain in my side for a few days (hopefully it's gone for good now) and it was not pleasant one bit. I love knowing that my creator God knows exactly what's going on though different doctors tell me different things.

Material things don't matter!! Now this, friends was a hard one to get over. I accidentally formatted my memory card that had all of my Alaska pictures on it and no they were not saved anywhere else. Though there may be a miraculous way to recover them (haven't tried yet,) I've pretty much resigned to the fact they are gone. Sad, but okay because they are just photos; mere reflections of the amazing experiences I had.

Change happens- People change. The weather changes. Gasoline prices change. It all happens whether we think it sucks really bad or not.

This most certainly does not encapsulate the last week, but it gives you an idea of what my adventure, my journey in life has been like recently.

Thanks for listening.

Scribbling thoughts on an old receipt-
I can't seem to get them out of my head.
I'm going crazy, and i think you're the problem.
I wish I could blink and you'd be forgotten.

What would life be like without you here-
How would I live or even care?
Would I ever forget, would you fade away-
would your memory blur with each passing day?

Well, that would be nice, and bittersweet
but I know that's not how life works.
My hopes and dreams seem now like a curse
and yet things still seem to get worse...

Tell me what you think.



  1. hey jami,

    i really enjoyed reading this...

    it touches on a few things i needed to hear.

    i hope you keep writing.

    give my blog a read sometime...

    it's mostly just poetry and dreams :]

    much love - cody

  2. Good writing, and true thoughts. Many times I've erased pictures and not wanted to. :) I think God will find you like you want Him too, if you surrender and completely trust in Him. When we realize we can't, that's when we can in Him. Just thoughts, but you've probably heard it all before.

  3. Cody- first of all, Hi! It's been a long time, friend! :-) Thanks for the comment, I will definitely check out your blog.

  4. Peter- Thanks! Yeah I think I know what you mean. And yes I've heard it before, but the truth sometimes needs repeating, so thanks for your words of wisdom :-)

  5. Okay Jamers. Good attitude about those pictures. That seems like it'd be REALLY frustrating. Amen about material things not mattering. It took me a while to truley figure it out, but I've so much happier now that I don't need everything all the time. Parents are amazing, and I love your bit about cousins. I love them TOOOOOO!! I love reading your blog. You are such a sweet spirit.

  6. I really like reading your thoughts, Jami. =] I'm amazed at your attitude about the pictures and really admire you for it. I love the writing at the end.
    I love cousins. I only had two near my age for the first 14 years of my life..and now I have 5 more all under the age of 3. It's incredible. I can't wait until I can talk to them, and teach them what I know. I also truly cannot wait to see what I can learn from them. =]
    I really miss hanging out with you..and just us being good friends. I always think about you when I'm driving in Olathe near your house. ;]

  7. Good stuff. Parents are amazing.

    I am increasingly aware of how little this world matters. Jesus is everything.